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This is my first blog post. Ever! So bare with me! I'll be doing one of these every week(ish) featuring new products that will be available to you soon, and keeping you up to date with where you'll find us.

My name is Alessandra and I love making things! I'm a beekeeper, I knit, I bake and do way too many crafts for my size house!

Late last year, I found my love for soap making. I love how I get to integrate my food industry background, the honey and beeswax from my hives, and my general quirky nature into create these beautiful creations.

The Dirty Business Soaps line uses all natural scents, organic ingredients and unique combinations. I've done felted soaps, garden soaps, beer soaps, cucumber lime soaps, bourbon vanilla soap, and well, you get the idea. One of the most recent soaps is malted apple cider with toasted oats, which I'm super excited about for the fall.

I hope you love them as much as I do

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